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Ontario Thoroughbred is Trillium champ

Stepping from her truck onto dusty grounds, Kendra King braced against the gray chill of a late October morning that shrouded the deserted shedrows.

In 2009 the Fort Erie Racetrack was all but abandoned.

Horses and trainers had left little of themselves behind as they cleared from the premises; the season just days away from ending.

And it was onto this landscape, as barren as the English Moors, that Kendra King and her friend came searching for a horse, the horse, without knowing if there were any suitable ones left at the track.

Q&A: Dr. Maloney explains ‘Kissing Spine’

Q: What are the symptoms of kissing spine?

The symptoms of kissing spine can be variable and are often misread by riders as behavioral issues. An obvious symptom is when the saddle is brought out the horse may show anxiety on the crossties (shifting his weight and moving his bowels often).

A Thoroughbred inspires bravery in fight for life

The day she met Rowdy Jones, Kim Alexander was feeling as poorly as the scruffy gelding looked. Weak from her battle with stage-four breast cancer, Alexander was there to see if the ex-racehorse she’d heard such good things about might be a horse she could bring along, in whatever time she had left. The talented equestrian had already accomplished so much. She won bronze and silver medals in USDF competitions in Tennessee in 2007 and 2010, and captured the state championship in October 2010.  All while undergoing cancer treatments that ravaged her body and left her bald. But there was […]