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Living the dream with Dream Potential

By the time Brenda Casey turned 47, she had four children, a happy marriage, and a room in her house virtually overflowing with objects devoted to a dream that never came true. Each year, she added something to that room. Maybe a painting or a pillow, or some other cherished trinket depicting the classic scene of a huntsman in red, surrounded by hounds, and all those beautiful horses gathered before the hunt. In these scenes she saw something that excited her for reasons she can’t even now put her finger on, and that she never thought she’d experience. “After I […]

Billy L powers to Grand Prix heights

Aloof and lame, Billy L was about the rudest horse Lindsey Fletcher ever tried to walk onto a trailer. “He was such a jerk! It took three of us to get him to load and at one point I thought, ‘I’m at a racetrack loading this lame racehorse onto a trailer. What am I doing?’ But sometimes you just have to go with your gut.” What nobody else could see at the time was that the racehorse who was lame on one side and gimpy on the other also possessed the true ‘look of eagles’ emblematic of the Thoroughbred breed. […]

Pat Dale returns Thoroughbreds to glory

When Pat Dale was a young girl, she and her friends all longed to own Thoroughbreds. Ambling around on backyard-bred Quarter Horses, the sleek ex-racehorses seemed like panthers as they walked onto the show grounds. So lithe and intelligent, they epitomized the ideal of competitive equine athletes. “If you had a Thoroughbred in those days, you were lucky. You had to have an uncle who raced horses to get one, or the right connections,” says Dale, 57. “This was back when the top riders, who were like gods to us, were all riding Thoroughbreds.” Over the decades, as European Warmbloods […]