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  1. Jeanne Mirabito

    Our Mims was magic. As incredible in her final years as she was on the racetrack. I hope her Calumet family knows she was loved beyond measure through her last four years of life. She ended her life as she started it and wanted for nothing. In return, she left an indelible hoofprint on many hearts. Mostly mine.

    Thank you, Susan, for the constant support and helping me fulfill my promise to her…we won’t ever let her be forgotten again.

  2. paula jameson whitney

    Our Mims is part of the great Calumet Farm story. She was the “big horse” in the barn when Alydar was a yearling. John Veitch was the young trainer who worked with Mims, and the Markeys treated her like royalty. Calumet Farm is an amazing part of thoroughbred history, through good and bad times. I am so happy that people love and assist these amazing animals. Thank you to Jeanne for what you do!

  3. Pam

    I LOVE this story! I had no idea that Our Mims ended up in such dire circumstances. Thank God for Jeanne and her huge heart. I would love to come visit the Ladies some day. Thank you, Susan, for telling this story.

  4. NancyCT

    Thanks for recognizing the fantastic work that Jeanne does at Our Mims Retirement Haven. Her mission to the “senior ladies” who are so deserving of the respect and good care that they receive there is truly inspiring…would that all horses were so fortunate! Jeanne has a marveous knack of conveying the personalities and quirks of each of her ladies…and they are all great characters who keep her on her toes!

  5. Sally Bonneau

    The Ladies truly are magical – and the most magical of all is Jeanne. What a remarkable job she has done, restoring both health and dignity to these magnificent horses through the creation of this very special farm.

    I would like to encourage everyone to visit – and support – Our Mims Retirement Haven. It is a place like no other – and once you’ve been there, it will reside in your heart forevermore.

  6. Linda Lowe

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article! I have visited the ladies and Jeanne does a wonderful and amazing job. She is truly one of my heroes.

  7. Jeanne Mirabito

    Oh, I have forgotten to send a shout out to KC at Akindale from our lady, MS STALWART who happens to be the proud mama of your MOUNT INTREPID. Ms Stalwart asks you to please give her boy a sloppy wet kiss for her…

  8. Jeanne Mirabito

    Thank you, Susan for telling our story! And, thanks to your readers for the lovely comments. The “ladies” are wonderful and they deserve to have their names in print again for all the world to see.
    Our Mims was truely a magical horse. She held such a presence on the Earth. I swear, she could melt a human heart with just a nicker. And every “lady” who has followed has left indelible hoofprints on, not only my heart, but all who volunteer for and visit our ladies.
    Older mares are simply the best and, dare I say it, the most challenging/mischievious equines I have ever dealt with. If our ladies aren’t trying to break into the feed room, ransack the hay room, dumping their water trough in order to play in the mud or chasing the cats cats, they are posing for photos. An old neighbor of mine used to tell me, ‘You have to be smarter than the horse…”
    Sigh, I don’t stand a chance!
    Email us and arrange a visit! The “ladies” LOVE company. jeanne.ourmims@gmail.com

  9. Judith Ochs

    I had read the “Our Mims” story – and saw an Our Mims race on Y tube. She was a Zenyatta! I had the great fun of meeting Jeanne and the Ladies before the last breeder’s Cup. In a place of the world (KY) where I had felt only greed and treating horses like commodities – there was this rainbow of joy called Our Mims Retirement Haven. The barn had fabulous colors. the ladies wore colors – and the place exuded happiness. My husband was with me and he was enchanted – not a word I had ever thought I would use to describe him meeting another person and a barn full of “elderly” mares”. Give yourself a real treat – visit and donate!

  10. LindaVA

    A great story about the wonderful Our Mims Retirement Haven and a true angel here on earth, Jeanne Mirabito. We LOVE the ladies and they deserve the best. If you get a chance, please call and arrange to visit them, and donate if you can.

  11. Deborah Slagle

    Jeanne is a woman that is nothing but pure heart! “The Ladies” want for nothing, except of course, MORE CARROTS!!

    I was lucky enough to have lunch with “The Ladies” last April and meet all of those grand ladies in person. Truly a moving experience!

    The world is a better place for having Jeanne in it!!

    Great article!

  12. Kelly

    I love the fact that Our Mims Retirement Haven exists 🙂 These special ladies deserve so much – there is something so magical and wise about an older broodmare! Thank you Jeanne!

  13. Louise Ferro Martin

    I just don’t know what to say. I am so moved by this story. Susan, as you know, my mare is the inspiration and the driving force for my cause to help save the off track thoroughbreds. Jeanne Miribato and Mims you have just reinforced my commitment and have led me to the path I was looking for. These broodmares have given so, so much, they deserve to live their lives with the love and dignity that is shown them Our Mims Retirement Haven. I cannot say anything more, the tears just keep coming. Thank you Jeanne.

  14. KC DiCostanzo

    I am so moved by this story! I have a zillion things to do and I sat here absolutely riveted. Thank you so much to Ms. Mirabito for having a special place for these special girls. At Akindale, we have a space for older broodmares, and they just have a warm, welcoming feeling when you enter their field – I’m sure it’s very much the same with Ms. Mirabito’s “ladies!”

    Sue – Fantastic story!

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