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Q&A with ‘Long Shot’ author TD Thornton

TD Thornton was standing ankle deep in floodwater when he sold his first book. After 20 rejections, and in the middle of trying to save his home from the effects of a 2006 Mother’s Day storm, he got the call. “Not By A Long Shot,” a no-holds-barred account of the 2000 racing season at Boston’s Suffolk Downs, had finally hit the publishing toteboard. What the experience underscored for Thornton: Never give up. Even though it took him six long years to get there, when PublicAffairs Books called, Thornton says it felt like good fortune arrived, “hurtling down the stretch” toward […]

Listen To Us excels at ‘cowboy mounted’ trials

Her petticoat and blue dress flap in a rush of air surging past her fast-moving Thoroughbred, and she draws her weapon. Galloping up to the bouncing target, she reaches for the gun strapped around her gown. Left hand holding the reins, her right hand arching up at an angle from her waist, and with no time to spare, she aims, squeezes the trigger, and gallops on. The sound of an exploding balloon competes with the short burst of gunfire, and as she and ex-racehorse Listen To Us move to their next target, the horse cocks an ear back as they […]