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Gigi and Izabela enjoy the best Christmas ever!

DC attorney gets first horse for Christmas

As a child, Izabela Reis would sometimes buy a scratch ticket at the corner market for a horserace. Then, clutching it in her little hand, she would scurry home, sit wide eyed in front of the TV and watch the outcome of the race and of her little bet. If her horse took first, she might win a gallon of milk or something, nothing very much. But what the 38-year-old Washington, D.C. attorney now wonders is whether that fond memory, which she isn’t even sure she’s remembering one-hundredpercent accurately, didn’t instill in her the desire to own her own racehorse […]

Woodbine jock: I’d take them all if I could

“In this game, it seems to a lot of people that horse racing is just a competition between jockeys,” Wilson says. “It’s not like that. It’s a team sport as far as I’m concerned. And the team includes everyone from the grooms and hot-walkers to jockeys and the horses.”

Q&A: Alex Brown discusses Barbaro’s legacy

Note: Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and his Legacy is now available for purchase. Please click Alex Brown’s website for instructions. Some ask Alex Brown why he included so many pictures in his forthcoming book on the fallen racehorse. When they ask, he responds, “Why not?” And then he describes his vision for the book. It’s a biography of a horse, and his legacy. Think of it not as a high budget movie, nor a documentary, but something in between. A photo essay with 160 photos is included in the book. The photos are taken by about a half dozen of […]