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Natural born eventer works for head rubs, treats

Natural Horsemanship veteran Farah DeJohnette’s methodology starts in the stall. The “home visit” figures right up there among other important details of buying a horse, from physical conformation to a clean bill of health. This is tantamount to choosing any breed, Warmblood, Thoroughbred or something else. Stating she has a “knack” for picking low-key Thoroughbreds in this way, DeJohnette says, “I go into the stall because that’s where the horse is who he is. This is where he lets down his track energy.” And the results speak for themselves. In her 20 years training horses through a method that gains […]

Invincible Vince inspires fearlessness in owner

Barbara Fulbright and Vince worked in the round pen for what seemed like forever trying to achieve the moment of “join-up” when horse acknowledges the partnership with man. Day after day she free lunged her descendent of Northern Dancer, only to have the exercise end in frustration. “It would always go the same way. He’d go round and round and then take a few steps toward me and stop,” Fulbright says. “To me, it felt like he was crossing his arms in front of his chest and saying, ‘You make the first step.’ ” Finally, as if pulled from a […]

Fundraiser for Charles Town horsemen set

The Charles Town HBPA will hold a fundraiser next week for horsemen and women who lost a “lifetime investment” along with their racehorses in the fire that leveled four barns and killed 29 horses last week. Fire victims who were using private stables not associated with the Charles Town Races were not covered by the casino and track’s insurance policy, according to Ken Lowe, president of the Charles Town HBPA . The need is great. “The affected owners have not only suffered the emotional toll of losing (their horses), but also have lost a lifetime investment,” Lowe says. As Lowe […]