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Q&A with Laurie Metcalfe, DVM, Rood & Riddle

Laurie Metcalfe, DVM associate with Rood & Riddle, demystifies medical issues an ex-racehorse Thoroughbred may encounter when leaving track life, and offers insights on the growing awareness of OTTBs. Q: What is an osselet and how significant is it to the future career of an ex-racehorse? A: An “osselet” refers to the thickening/bony reaction that occurs at the joint capsule attachment of the fetlock, and usually results from trauma/wear and tear of racing. They represent strain and micro-tearing of this attachment of the fetlock/ankle joint to the cannon bone which, over time, creates firm, bony lumps. Acutely, these can be […]

Riddle: Comet a star among ex-racehorses

Courageous Comet was no Secretariat on the racetrack. But now well into his second career, the gorgeous gray horse seen bounding across dozens of You Tube videos—neatly clearing stadium jumps and enthusiastically throwing himself over water obstacles— has nailed it. The off-track Thoroughbred has been to the Beijing Olympics, and recently took third at the 2010 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. This month he swept the American Eventing Championship and is to compete at the famed World Equestrian Games, held in the Kentucky Horse Park beginning this weekend. As he gallops his way across eventing challenges, those who seek to raise […]

CANTER horse wins 4th in first show

People scattered when Zeus arrived at his first horse show last weekend, only to swarm around him later as fans. “People fell all over him because he was so good,” says owner and rider Kimberly “KC” Compton DiCostanzo. “They thought he was stunning. We had spectators who posed with him for pictures.” Although he didn’t take first place in his baby-green walk/trot class, his fourth place finish was pretty impressive considering the ex-racehorse only just started working toward a new career this year. ([intlink id=”1371″ type=”post”]Please read about Zeus arriving home[/intlink]). DiCostanzo, a trainer at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue in New […]