Revere rides by day

Kira Karbocus and Revere enjoy an Easter morning workout.

Kira Karbocus and Revere enjoy an Easter morning workout.

Just as Paul Revere faced a few bumps in the road as he charged into a new life, his Thoroughbred namesake encountered a few setbacks on the path to a brighter future.

But modern-day Revere is leaving health challenges of the past year, including a strain of Potomac fever and a hairline fracture, in the dust as he preps with owner Kira Karbocus for autumn horse shows.

It’s all been worth it, Karbocus says.

“Deep down I knew that even though he had a struggle, it was fine to give him time off,” she says, noting that her horse’s youth gave him a long trajectory to train.

From the moment she sat on him, just three months after he left Suffolk Downs, his “good mind” and gentle manner have proven a delightful combination.

Pokey’s Punch
New Name:Revere
Barn Name:Pokey
Sire:Special Coach
Dam:Susan Pixum
Foal date: May 13, 2004
“I didn’t know what to expect when I brought him home from Suffolk Downs. I just saw him trot ten steps at the Suffolk Showcase (operated by CANTER New England ( I was kind of anticipating anything.

“He was totally fine. He couldn’t have cared less!”

The former Boston University Equestrian Team rider was drawn to the ex-racehorse’s good hunter movement, and his flat-kneed, floating trot, she adds. And he was in pristine condition, without a scratch on him.

Before long, Karbocus rode Revere five days a week, often in classes that would fray the nerves of the most docile school horses. She recalls how young riders would run their ponies close to Revere’s backside, and he took it all in stride.

Another surprise bonus came when Revere was started over small fences.

“He tucks his legs and puts his head down,” she says, noting, “He’s very scopey over the jumps.”

Yes, he’s still green. But he catches on quick. Karbocus recently tried leg yielding him, and he moved to the side as though he’d been doing it all his life, she says.

Named after the historic Revolutionary silversmith who embarked on the famed ‘midnight ride,’ this Thoroughbred proves everyday that he has the sound mind and quick intelligence to adapt to change, learn his lessons, and move on toward a more promising future.

“I liked Pokey from the minute I saw him at the track,” she says. “And I thought of Paul Revere because of his proximity to Boston, and the history of the area.”

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  1. Linda DiPersio


    This is a great site. I love the story on Revere. It ‘s a great name for a retired racehorse. It sounds as though he will perservere through thick and thin.

    I look forward to reading any future entries.


  2. Susan Salk

    I would like to invite anyone who knows of an off-track Thoroughbred successfully transitioning into a new career to contact me.

    If you are uncomfortable posting a comment here, please write me directly at

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